About Papyrus

Imagine modifying ANY polymer surface to fit your custom application.

Papyrus is a coating or membrane that's easy to functionalize and flexible.

Applications include:


Add proteins, lipids, or carbohydrates to the surface for your research needs.


Add "bait" ligands or chemicals to the surface. Flow your "target" past the membrane and capture them.

Surface Modification

Add fluorescence, hydrophilicy, or controlled-release to give your surface custom properties.

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Property Specification
Functionality Amine, Azide, Hydroxyl, or Carboxyl on surface
Thickness 50, 100, 150 um
Solvent Compatibility Acids, Bases, Water, Acetone, Ethanol
Incombatible with DMSO, DMF, THF
Form Membrane, Coating Solution
Color White
Size 8"x11", 3ft x 3ft, Custom
Biocompatibility Biocompatible if surface is masked (especially amines)
Biodegradable Custom biodegradable membranes available

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